writer and director

In her films, Tove Pils works with themes revolving around power, sexuality and the crossing of boundaries.

She works with both documentary and fiction, and has directed the two short films Take My Sex Away (together with Anna Eborn and Lovisa Elwerdotter 2007) and Att inte sprängas (2008).


In 2009, Tove started the process of writing the script for Push Me. That same year the project won first prize inthe Pixel/Skånska Filmdagarna's Pitching competition. For Tove the notion of queer has been important not only as a starting point for the content of the film, but also for setting a standard throughout the creative process.


A significant part of the work on this film has been to try and move away from prevailing norms in movie making, and to work with people who identify as queer or not gender conforming. It has been important to work wholly within a feminist structure, and generally have more women than men involved in all parts and stages of the production. Most of all, the goal has been to create an inclusive and safe social environment, resisting hierarchical structures within the team – something that Tove sees as an essential part of creating a queer feminist production.


In 2010 Tove also started a documentary film project depicting queer sex workers in San Francisco, a project that she has been focusing within the course Dok:huset, a project based documentary film course at the Skurups Folkhögskola. She has also been working on different art and experimetal film projects in the last years. Before Tove started to work on PUSH ME she studied film at the Malmö University and creative writing at the Österlens Folkhögskola.